Our caring, attentive service is backed by state-of-the-art technology, offering patients the most advanced podiatric treatments available today.

We are pleased to offer the following treatment options to our patients:

Digital X-Ray:  Computer-aided digital X-ray allows our doctors to pinpoint the source of pain, providing better overall care for our patients, with digital magnification and finer details.

Diagnostic Ultrasound: Ultrasound produces superior images, providing detailed pictures of foreign bodies, stress injuries, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and others.

Diabetic Shoes:  The shoes provided by Dr. Comfort  are specifically crafted for patients who are diabetic and seeking comfort in their footwear.

The Orthotic Group: New technology to evaluate foot biomechanices that can’t be obtained with the naked eye. TOG Gaitscan provides data through the 4096 pressure sensors with a comprehensive array of viewing and reporting functions.

Vibration Perception Test: This test allows our doctors to detect peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes, probably the most important first step towards preventing foot ulceration and lower limb amputations.

Harvest System Platelet Concentrate: Cutting-edge chronic wound / soft tissue therapy that enhances healing using multiple human growth factors working together at the wound site or damage tissue site to speed healing.

PADnet:  BioMedix’s PADnet Lab system is a promising non-invasive technology for detecting Peripheral artery disease (PAD) and, thereby for improving the chances of survival and quality of life for patients suffering from this condition.
Additionally, we offer: Diabetic Footwear, Ankle/Foot Orthotics, Cam Walker, Stirrup Braces, and more